Going Green

Going Green

Jessica Rothe, Reporter

With all this talk of going green, who wouldn’t want to help save the planet? Most Americans recycle, some use energy efficient cars, but are people truly changing the life style to better the planet? Global Warming is a theory, which the temperatures will raise because of human activity. Thus melting the polar ice caps, this would cause flooding coastal areas and extinction of arctic animals.

This country needs to step up and save our environment. “Everyone needs to be doing their own share,” said Wantagh High School sophomore Gina Pluchok. We need to recycle because the resources we use are depleting rapidly and we need to save them for other generations. Also its better to make something useful again then taking up space in a landfill or dump.

In most suburban homes there’s a separate bin for garbage and recycling. Not only can people recycle glass, plastic, and paper, but anything you don’t want anymore. Donating clothes or old childhood toys to the homeless is great, not only less things to throw out but a nice deed as well.
Wantagh school has our very own WARR club. This happens to be a great extracurricular activity, and an amazing way to take action and make the community a better place. Most classrooms have a separate bin for recycling.

Other things to do to help are conserving energy and water. Many places around the world aren’t lucky enough to have either of these things. If you’ve ever heard your parents complain about the electric or water bill, taking shorter showers and turning the lights off when you leave the room are simple enough suggestions. Energy efficient light bulbs are an option; they also don’t run out as much.
Seniors and Juniors (are driving soon) it wouldn’t hurt to buy a car that is more miles to the gallon. Hybrids might be a little pricy though.

Even scientists are working for a better future. Constantly working with solar energy, and figuring out new better ways for things to be less toxic, or damaging to the o-zone layer and ecosystem. Making cars that only run on electricity is a focus is. Putting in wind mills for wind energy is one too.
So many things are being done but the only person that could change the way this country is going, is us our generation.