Spice up your Life with some Cinnamon Cookie Latte


Jenna Miller, Editor in Chief

As consumers nationwide crave warm beverages in mid-late fall and early winter, they often turn to flavors which bring to mind images of the season and fuzzy feelings to warm themselves up on cold, windy days. Pumpkin spice happens to be the most popular of those flavors, but for McDonald’s, they’ve decided to go a different route.

McDonald’s new Cinnamon Cookie Latte is the first seasonal beverage released by the fast-food chain as part of their McCafe line of drinks since five years ago, when the White Chocolate Mocha was released. The Cinnamon Cookie Latte “is made with the sweet taste of cinnamon, stirred with milk and freshly brewed with 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified espresso,” according to a McDonald’s press release. Kristin Salaky, a writer for Delish.com, also reported that the drink is topped with even more cinnamon to round off the cookie-like flavor. 

“We were inspired by our customers’ excitement for the holidays when crafting our Cinnamon Cookie Latte, a new and limited-time flavor that evokes the warm, cheerful feelings of the season,” claimed Mike Lingo, a chef for McDonald’s, in that same press release. 

But can the taste of a sweet cinnamon cookie become the new trendy holiday flavor of this year? Only time will tell. There has been much excitement on social media surrounding the latte, and consumers and employees alike are hoping sales of the drink will be a success. The Cinnamon Cookie Latte will be available for $2 as part of the value menu in its smallest size, as well as on the normal McCafe menu in larger sizes, beginning November 6. 

It will be released alongside the return of Donut Sticks, a menu item that was originally released in February 2019 but were discontinued following the liquidation of the initial supply in the late spring/early summer. The donut sticks are covered in cinnamon sugar and come with chocolate marshmallow dipping sauce on the side.