A True Christmas Pup and One Fat Cat

Angelina Bendetti

Christmas: My dad went to a pet store and saw an 8 month old Papillon. He saw that she was gentle and that she did not bite him, so he bought her. She was our Christmas present that year, so we named her Christmas. She sleeps a lot and eats a lot of food.

Osi: My dad’s friend told my dad that his cat had kittens, so we drove to their house to get one. Turns out, a random cat had given birth under my dad’s friend’s shed. So to catch the kitten, my dad’s friend put out a can of tuna fish and when a kitten got close he went to grab it and missed. Then he made my mom catch it! My mom caught a kitten and it happened to be orange. Boom:  we had a kitten. Ten years later, we still have Osi, who is a fat cat.

A true Christmas pup, this dog’s name reflects that!
Osi had quite the adventurous origins story.