The Warrior

The Greek God of Walks?

Jonathan Schifman, Sports Editor

January 16, 2013

Several players involved in the classic Yankees-Red Sox rivalry have gone to the ‘other side.’ Wade Boggs, Roger Clemens, and more recently, Johnny Damon have all made such a transition. And now, with injury-prone Alex Rodriguez...

The “New” New York Knicks Create Excitement at the Garden

Jacyln Weiner, Viewpoints Editor

January 11, 2013

The Knicks are off to an outstanding start to the season, exciting New Yorkers everywhere. It was the first time since 1992 the Knicks started 8-0. But the team is taking the season one step at a time, not feeding into the hype....

Girls’ Soccer Captures First Conference Title in 14 Years

Brittany Rowles, Entertainment Editor

November 29, 2012

For the first time since 1998 the girls’ soccer team won a conference title leaving New Hyde Park and Jericho to battle for second place in Conference A2. The team went 12-2-1 overall and 11-1 in the conference. . Coach...

Football Team Makes County Championship for 2nd Straight Year

Lindsey Cohen, Editor in Chief

November 28, 2012

Keith Sachs is back as head coach of the football team and, as he has done for 21 years, he positioned the Warriors in yet another Nassau County Championship game. Since Wantagh (8-3) moved up to Conference II in 20...

What Makes for a Strong High School Sports Program?

Jonathan Schifman, Sports Editor

November 28, 2012

School sports have rosters that constantly vary from year to year. Each team, however, has its own assorted special years, when chemistry, talent level, and commitment all reach an unforeseen plateau. This past season...

Boys’, Girls’ XC Teams Continue to Excel

Dianna Albanese, Viewpoints Editor

November 20, 2012

Wantagh’s Cross Country team had an incredible season for the 2012-2013 school year. Coach Kristin Frazer’s boys’ and girls’ teams ended the season with impressive records. Captains Pat Lavin, Vinny Tesoriero, and...

Football Team Headed to Playoffs

Lindsey Cohen, Editor-in-Chief

October 22, 2012

Coach Sachs is back as head coach of the football team and, as he had done for 20 years, he’s positioned the Warriors for a playoff run. The Warriors have crushed Mepham and Calhoun, and won close games against MacArthur,...

Yankees Battle Problems Off the Field, Too

Jonathan Schifman, Sports Editor

October 17, 2012

In recent years, the New York Yankees have realized that their pockets aren’t bottomless. They are stuck with an aging Alex Rodriguez for the next five years. They are stuck with a declining Mark Teixeira for the next four...

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