Don’t Let Binge-Watching Impact your Health


Juliet Watstein , Reporter

Are you gripped on a favorite TV show? Do you watch episodes on end? Many teenagers and adults are getting hooked on TV shows all over Netflix and online. The endless episodes per night keep you watching because you’re curious about what is going happen next. This obsession can distress your health, like a loss of sleep.

Many teens and websites are creating surveys about loss of sleep after binge watching a favorite TV show. One that was mentioned was called, “SleepRate.” It says that 77 percent of viewers who watch episodes very late at night are more tired the next day. It’s not like any other day, it’s a sleepy day. Seventy-seven percent is a large equals many students and workers who are exhausted. The most popular binge-watched TV show is Breaking Bad, according to “SleepRate.”

Kyra Orgass, a W.H.S freshman, said the most-recent TV show she watche is How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. There are 9 seasons with around 24 episodes per season. She started watching this show 2 years ago and continues to love it. She would rate this a 5/5 and recommends the show for many to watch. “It has a good message and overall it has clever writing. In the end it all ties together,” she says.

She says this show it does not affect her daily school routine nor her sleep. She goes to her extracurricular activities and does her homework regularly. When she has the time she will watch. Although, sometimes she does come around to “sleepy days,” she believes in not letting it get in the way of her student life.