The Bleached Boys Are Back

Eddie Draude, Reporter

One question that has been flowing around Wantagh High School: What is with these kids and the blonde hair?

The blondies are the Wantagh boys’ varsity soccer team. We have a tradition of dying our hair blonde to bond and unify with teammates. Many players on the team have said, “The difference between the good teams and the great teams are that the great teams are pretty much a family they do everything together. They also know each other’s playing style so the team knows how to play together as one as a unit.It’s the reason we win most of our games.”

The team is also coming off an outstanding season last year having gone deep into the playoffs and capturing the biggest upset of the tournament against Jericho, the 4th-ranked team in the state. Sadly though the Warriors fell short against MacArthur in the semifinal of the county championships.

The team though looks to rebound and want to make even deeper run in the playoffs. All the returning faces on the team are eager to get back and play and win more games.

Will the blondies actually help the team come together to win games and even a county championship?