The Warrior

It’s Called Albinism, and it’s Strictly Genetic

Lindsey Cohen, Associate Editor

September 26, 2011

By Lindsey Cohen How many teens and adults do we see drowning themselves in bronzer, spending incalculable hours baking in the tanning salon, or following the prestigious Jersey Shore’s GTL mentality? Most can agree that...

Text All Your Friends about the New Texting Policy

Gina Plutchok, Reporter

September 22, 2011

On the very first day of school, every teacher, in every period, reminded you about the texting new policy. Last year, some teachers permitted you to have your phones out during class. They’d let you have it on your desk, even...

A New Perspective on Irene

Samantha Scibelli

September 21, 2011

                 As the winds blew and the rain fell heavily over New York and much of the East coast many people lost power. Hurricane Irene wreaked havoc and over 523,000 people just on Long Island lost power....

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