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True Love or Publicity Stunt?

Ava Kornbluth, Entertainment Editor

September 18, 2019

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes, true love or just a publicity stunt? The world may never know until he proposes. The two popular singers have been sparking romance rumors ever since their song titled “Señorita” hit the ...

The Office Leaves Netflix (But Not Our Hearts) In 2021

Nora Toscano, Reporter

September 9, 2019

“I have a lot of questions.  Number one, how dare you?” — Kelly Kapoor These were the first words that popped into my head when I found out that Netflix canceled my favorite show. Well, actually, they were the second, t...

“After” Ends with Controversy

Bianca Falco, Viewpoints Editor

May 30, 2019

In the US, the movie After was released on Friday April 12. The movie was based on the first book by Anna Todd, there are 3 books in the series. The cast includes Hero Fiennes-Tiffin as Hardin one of the main love interests,...

The Jonas Brothers Are Together Again

Grace Kane, Associate Editor

March 13, 2019

The Big news dropped on February 28 that the Jonas brothers are getting the band back together. They released a single on March 1 at midnight. Fans all over the world were freaking out as the countdown for their new single...

A Romance Rumor is Born at the Oscars

Jenna Loew, News Editor

March 8, 2019

There’s plenty of buzz circulating about the 2019 Oscars. One of the most talked about spectacles was the intimate performance between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Their Academy Award winning movie, “A Star is Born,” ca...

A Superhero Female Marvel Character Hits the Big Screen

Spencer Gustafson, Sport Editor

March 7, 2019

Since the announcement of the latest Marvel Studios film, Captain Marvel, back in July of 2016, fans have been torn. This alleged “feminist” movie is a historical moment in the film industry. CM is the first superhero film ...

“Hautebrilliance” Shines Brilliantly

Jillian Laino, News Editor

March 4, 2019

Way back in 2012, Aspyn Ovard created a youtube account under the name “Hautebrilliance” and uploaded a video called “DIY Colored Ends Using Chalk!” At the time, she was only 15 years old. Now she is 22 and has practical...

Screenagers — More Than Just a Film, an Eye-Opener

Jenna Miller, Editor in Chief

February 25, 2019

When I heard that Wantagh High School would be holding a special presentation of the film Screenagers, I was not sure of what to expect prior to viewing the film. I read some reviews on it, and the majority were mixed. Some p...

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