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Nor’easter Cancels School for Most Long Island Students but at Wantagh the Show Goes on

Marie Gonias, Reporter

March 9, 2018

As predicted by weather forecasters, a nor’easter was supposed to hit the Long Island area quite badly on March 7. Many students, teachers, and parents were expecting to have a day off from school considering the prediction...

Model Congress Much More than Debate

Grace Kane, Reporter

March 8, 2018

Model Congress is a debate club here at Wantagh High School supervised by Mr. Benner. This club consists of delegations battling out other teams through debating, activities, cheers and so much more. There are 8 delegations...

Canada Changes National Anthem Lyrics To Be More “Gender-Neutral”

Jenna Miller, Associate Editor

March 8, 2018

National anthems are a crucial part of any country and their history; their lyrics often date back to many years ago and have been sung the same way for generation upon generation. So, why would one country suddenly go and officially...

Stone Cold Killer Attacks Florida High School

Jess Nealon, Reporter

March 2, 2018

Valentine’s day is supposed to be a day filled with love, happiness, friendship, and giving. It should be a day to love harder, be kinder, and spread happiness. Unfortunately, in the town of Parkland, Florida, tragedy struck...

This Season’s Deadly Flu Virus

Reilly Brady, Reporter

February 6, 2018

New York has had over 1,500 people be hospitalized over the past couple weeks due to contracting the flu virus. In New York alone, many adults and 30 children have passed away due to influenza this flu season. Many people and...

Michigan State Athletic Doctor, Larry Nassar, Abused 160 Young Women

Grace Tague, Editor in Chief

February 1, 2018

Larry Nassar has been sentenced to prison for 40- 175 years in prison for sexual abuse. Nassar will be in prison for the rest of his life. He is a former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University doctor. More than 160 women...

#metoo Claims More Media Men

Grace Tague, Editor in Chief

December 20, 2017

An anchor on NBC News for 21 years, Matt Lauer, was fired because of inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. Lauer was added to the growing list - especially in the news, politics, and in Hollywood - of men who were accused...

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