Provocative Fashion Sends Wrong Message

Amanda Amblo, Reporter

Students wear some outrageous and tasteless clothes. It’s not the slogans on the shirts that are a problem but how girls wear tight clothes; see-through shirts, short-shorts, and short dresses that look like T-shirts.

Now for the guys: They don’t really have that much that’s wrong with their attire except for the pants. When I look at the guys during school and see their pants almost down to their knees and their boxers showing with a “belt” hanging down I honestly believe that they think that look is attractive or “cool” when really it just shows immaturity and sends out a false statement.

If the guys knew one of the main reasons why it used to be popular for guys to sag their pants then I can guarantee they would all jack up their pants in a second. This trend was born in United States jails. Prisoners who were willing to have sex with other prisoners needed to invent a signal that would go unnoticed by guards, so they wouldn’t suffer consequence. Or others say that the prisoners also had to wear them so low because they weren’t allowed to wear belts in prison because they could use that as a weapon or to hurt themselves. “I actually find it very uncomfortable if my pants sag a little past my boxers, there’s no reason to do that and I don’t feel the need to walk like a penguin,” said an anonymous junior.

By showing off this image, however, with your pants practically on the floor, you are showing a lack of sophistication and a great deal of immaturity.

For the girls in this school: The tight shirts that roll up past your bellybutton, underwear showing, short-shorts that show off your butt and see through shirts to see your bra or other parts really are not attractive and don’t show a sense of self-respect. How are you respecting yourself and sending out the right message to teachers or the opposite sex if you’re showing that anyone can look at your body and that you’re easy? Through the years it’s gotten so bad that we can’t really wear shorts that go up our knees a little or tank tops in gym because girls have taken that so out of context and some of the teachers have had enough of it. “I’m skinny and you don’t see me walking around school with my tank tops or shirts up past my belly button, there’s no reason for that,” said Jessie Buckowitz, a senior.

“Not only does it send off a wrong message to everyone, but it also brings on girl remarks and comments,” said Mr. Haruthunian, the Wantagh dean of students. “Girls are catty and it brings unnecessary drama. School is place to gain knowledge and learn, it’s not a place to show off your body or to attract the wrong attention.”

I’m not saying to not show a sense of style or that you shouldn’t be comfortable in your own skin but there’s a difference between being comfortable with yourself and sending out the wrong message to the people around you. Students and faculty have had a debate and different opinions over school uniforms; students think it would stop them “from being their own individual” and staff thinks it’s better because it doesn’t cause a distraction for other students.