Is Amazon Taking Over the World? Maybe and Toys R Us is a Victim

Grace Kane , Reporter

As most of you may or may not know, Toys R Us is gone.

This chain store all over the nation has shut down for good. Some of us have spent a lot of time in this kid-friendly store, shopping for Christmas, birthdays, Easter, Hanukkah and many other occasions. Your parents may still do depending on the age of your younger brother or sister.

But that’s over. Kids will never get the heartwarming experience of seeing so many toys.

“My favorite part was when they knew it was my birthday,” former Toys R Us shopper, WHS freshman Reilly Brady, says. It was the things like these that made the kids keep wanting to go back and helped them flourish throughout the years.

Not only has Toys R Us shut down, but Babies R Us has also announced their closing. Although Babies R Us still remains online, nothing is like going into the store to pick out exactly what you had in mind. New parents, grandparents, godmothers, aunts and uncles all over the country are now deciding where they will go to shop for the newborn in the family but the gorgeous wrapping of purchased gifts, bright store colors and affable store associates will never be beat.

These stores are closing due to unpaid loans and debts that they just can’t afford to pay back. The online store business, like Amazon, is taking over the world. The perks of getting it delivered to your house and being able to buy unlimited items right at your laptop at home is very appealing to so many people. Although everyone loves to order online it is killing so many brick and mortar stores and driving them right out of business.

“My favorite part was their army toys,” says another previous Toy R us shopper Aidan Araoz.

What will happen now that the stores that have been around for a long time can’t even handle this new outbreak…?
Will more stores start to close down? Or will they make a huge comeback and show the online stores who’s boss?