Classic 1940’s Christmas Song: Lighthearted or Inappropriate?

Bianca Falco, Viewpoints Editor

For most Americans, the day after Thanksgiving is considered the beginning of the holiday season, with that most people have their favorite holidays songs blasting. However this year some people, instead of enjoying the well-known songs, criticized them.

“Baby it’s Cold Outside” was written and sang by, Frank Loesser in 1944, and since then it has been known as a Christmas classic. And not only for Americans, but  this classic has been played all around the world.

However with some talk of the song being found inappropriate in the past, the talk this year has been out of control. Viewers find the song implying rape, with some lyrics being like “saying what’s in this drink” maybe implying he (male vocals) slipped her (female vocals) something. Or even her repeating herself saying no and him not listening.

Others who don’t choose to look at the traditional song they’ve been brought up as inappropriate, still believe its a lighthearted song with no harm intended. The song to them has been played at many events and has brought the holiday spirit to life.  

With this debate, the feminist community  has come out and declared the song “offensive.” And there have even been charges taken to ban the song in some areas and states from being played on the radio.

Many agree and don’t find the song being banned fair. The simple Christmas song cannot be played since its considered inappropriate but most rappers music of today include the talk of drugs and sex and have not been banned. Why is the classic song that has brought families together for decades being punished but the songs that are going to influence the next generation not. If you turn on any rap song from the passed five year, most of them talk about drugs, alcohol, and sex. So should we really be focused on banning Christmas songs because people are getting “offended.”