Is there any Hope for Resumption of the 2020 School Year?


An empty hallway at a deserted Wantagh High School

Claire Yustat, Sports Editor

The  COVID-19 outbreak has shut down schools across the country. As a result,  Class of 2020 seniors have little hope of regaining their senior year. As a senior, I am heartbroken that I cannot be in school with all of my friends and favorite teachers. Spring sports have also been suspended only after a few days after practice started on March 9. 

I am afraid that I won’t be able to say goodbye to the place where I have made some of my closest friends and learned so much in and outside of the classroom. I want to thank my friends, teachers, administrators from Wantagh High School for an amazing three and a half years. Junior Prom was canceled, so again I have no hope that there will be a Senior Prom. Certain events such as prom and graduation on the brink of cancellation are devastating to the entire senior class. We have worked so hard throughout the years. Spring athletes were looking forward to their final season as Wantagh Warriors. AP students have been preparing all year only to have their exams turn into a simplified online version. 

Our senior year meant so much to the class of 2020. For everything to be put on the brink of cancelation, is a tragic way to say goodbye to high school and the bonds that we have made through the years