Blackberrys Gone Bananas; Problems Fixed

Kathryn Eckartt, Reporter

Over the past week BlackBerry users have been experiencing problems with their service, but what really was the problem? Why did this happen? And what did they have to do to fix it?

Over 70 million BlackBerry subscribers all over the world lost email access, messaging usage, and service completely over the past six days. These problems were felt from India and the Middle East all the way to Canada and South American countries. BlackBerry is usually very reliable and quick to fix any errors that may occur; this is the largest outage BlackBerry has ever experienced. Representatives for BlackBerry are apologizing for the inconvenience.

This major blackout was cause by a back up of un-received emails suddenly flooding the server. This was caused by a “core switch” failing and many other back up precautions also not acting as they should. This outage started in London and that failure overloaded the BlackBerry server, leading to mass loss of service.

BlackBerry reportedly fixed the problems but small glitches have been running throughout the world thoroughly annoying all BlackBerry customers. BlackBerry had already been experiencing difficulties in the competitive sale of phones because of new smart phones by Apple and Google Android software. This is one of the worst possible times for Blackberry to have a major disaster because the new Apple Iphone comes out later this week, and with the already lower sale of BlackBerry this could seriously damage BlackBerry’s sales.

Currently, the problem has been resolved and all servers are working as they should. This outage could seriously damage BlackBerry’s reputation and sales. Who knows what the future will hold for Blackberry