A Not So Scarry Snake and a Dog Named Faith


Jack Scarry

Faith enjoys eating treats. Even if she did fail puppy school, she’s still an important member of the family.

Jack Scarry

I have a lab retriever, Faith, and she likes to be lazy and walks around the block by herself most times. My dog is a golden retriever and lab. She failed the guide dog test so we got to keep her. So she knows how to do certain stuff that other dogs can’t do. She is very spoiled with treats. She always barks for them like every seven seconds and is starting to gain a little weight from treats. My cousin’s dog, Chloe, bounces on the trampoline with us over at his house. Faith, my lab, is very lazy and loud when she barks; she is active when friends are over like my cousin’s German Shepherd. She loves to play for like 10 seconds then she gets tired.

I have a four foot snake that will be 13-20 feet one day. The snake is calm and never bites. I got the snake for $200 because you only live once and I scare my friends when they come over now.